So you want to know a little about Russians? Part I

1: Russians distrust anything cheap. (no wal-marts in Russia)


2: The English word “bargain” can not be adequately translated into Russian.


3: Although Russians distrust anything with a cheap price, they are fine with freebies. (Americans too)
4: A Russian who reaches high levels of power feels it his his/her duty to put down those who don’t.
(not much different in the world)
5: In Russia you need to call the lazy waitresses over by aggressively yelling “Girl!”
(problem is you didn’t have your glasses on.)
6: One needs skills in hitting people with your elbows on the Moscow Metro.
7: In Russia you can drink beer on a park bench without getting arrested.
Police officers rest in a central park in Kiev
8: Russians gather in the kitchen and stay up very late, talking about “life”. (something as well in the states)
9: Russians usually avoid talking about work. (it’s the first question asked in the states)
10: During any reception in Russia people are immediately separated by gender.
11: There are a lot of police in Russia, most of whom do nothing.
russian cops_small2
12: Russians never throw anything away. Ever.
13: However, if Russians throw out half of their things, nobody notices.
14: A Russian stranger is likely to call you with familiarity, like “man” or “woman”.
15: Russians don’t usually say “please” or “thank you”.
16: The Russian proverb “Arrogance – the second happiness” cannot be adequately translated into English.
17: Russians drink a lot of vodka. It’s not a myth.
18: You don’t have to fear for your life when walking the streets in Moscow alone at night.
19: Russian men are convinced that feminism has led to the collapse of the West, and Russia’s historical mission: resist.
20: A myth within a myth: Russians believe that Americans believe that bears walk the streets in Moscow, but this myth of a myth is a purely Russian invention. Americans actually believe all the bears in Russia are dead.
21: Russians simply do not understand it when a foreigner from the west applies for permanent residence in Russia.
Mr. Bean
22: Dentists are very surprised when people show up for a “routine” check-up. So are doctors.
Mr. Bean shocked
23: Russians drink tea with a centimetre of sugar on the bottom of the cup.
24: All Russians, from young to old, abuse emoticons.
25: Moscow has the best subway system in the world.






6 thoughts on “So you want to know a little about Russians? Part I

    1. Yes, this is the “Metro”, I’ve been there twice since being here. It’s done with real class. It has the largest subway system in the world. The number of people that travel it everyday is staggering.

  1. Ok, I admit it. I thought all the bears in Russia were dead, and that gangs of mafia might get me in the streets of Moscow at night. I’m glad the bears are neither dead nor on the streets, but if they were on the streets, I’d assume they were working for the mafia.

    1. Your assumption is correct, I checked with Google. All remaining registered bears in Russia currently work for the Russian mafia, excluding illegal ones. They will be deported back to their countries of origin. Thanks,I knew some follow up police work was necessary.

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