Mirror Reflections – Lebanon & Russia


In Lebanon:


I miss it.

I can’t stand going there at times.

I love it.

I hate missing it.

It is home.

It is the place where I feel like a child, a stranger.

It is the Lebanon of my ancestors.

It is the Lebanon, the victim of those who oppress it.

Those I dislike, those who trade with its flesh and its future……….

visit: http://brigittekm1.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/sights-and-thoughts-of-lebanon/#comment-963


In Russia:

There is an established stereotype among foreigners that Russia is a country of eternal frost and snow-covered streets where bears roam. This is all because for many years foreigners were frightened by the phrase “Russian winter“. Many recall Napoleon’s army, which did not last the harsh cold in the year of 1812, or Hitler’s army which lost all hope of victory unable to cross through the extreme cold temperature. But it’s not all that simple, Russia is a vast country and the weather in different areas can be completely different………

The following link is to site that has been helpful in learning Russian, I’ve used it myself and even my Russian Tutor uses it. There are many wonderful places to explore on this site. Please enjoy.

Visit: http://masterrussian.com/


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