Mirror Reflections – Philippines & Russia


In the Philippines

Fantasy World Philippines is a family entertainment facility, theme amusement and recreation club park. It is located on top of the soft rolling mountain ridge overlooking the clear panoramic views of Taal Lake and Volcano. After its completion, facilities will consist of golf & country club, hotel, condotels and residential houses. The site was chosen for Fantasy World by the proponents for its mild climate, purity of air, and closeness to Metro Manila and the Southern Provinces. Entrance to Fantasy World will be through the main gateway along Diokno Highway. Entry to the site can be from any of the six (6) major road networks……….

visit: http://www.philippinecountry.com/philippine_amusement/fantasyworld.html


In Russia

Often touted as the ‘third Rome’ for its role as the eastern center for Christian civilization, Moscow’s cathedrals and churches are many and splendorous, making the city a great place to visit for both religious tourists and those interested in history, culture, and architecture. Throughout the years Russian tsars and tsarinas vied to have the most wondrous examples of churches and cathedrals built in their honor and many of these are now world-renowned, featuring heavily in most city tours of Moscow………

visit: http://ulkotours.com/blog/moscow%E2%80%99s-cathedrals-and-churches/


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