Mirror Reflections – Afghanistan & Russia

An Afghan farmer stand with his children at a farm in Lashkar
An Afghan farmer stand with his children at a farm in Lashkar

What is family life like in Afghanistan?

Answer: We have a very large family. I live with my parents, second mother, three brothers, two half sisters, two half brothers, and my uncle’s family and his six kids and a wife. My grandmother lives with us, too. So, we have 18 people in our home. And sometimes we have cousins come visit from other villages. It is nice having so many people around. There is always someone to play with or have help with the work. Sometimes my mom doesn’t get along with my grandmother, but they always make up quickly. My father is in charge and he doesn’t like anyone to fight. The only problem is that our house is very small. It only has four rooms. Before the war there were two houses. We want to rebuild the second house so we have more room……….

Visit: http://teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/indepth/afghanistan/day_pics.asp?num=22

Cossack family in Novosibirsk
Cossack family in Novosibirsk

Cossack Family Life

Cossack family values as expressed in 21st century Russia are simple, rigid, and seem very traditional compared to contemporary Western culture. In theory men build the home and provide an income; the women take care of the family and provide for the children and household. Traditional Russian values, culture, and Orthodox Christianity form the bedrock of their beliefs

Visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cossacks

After seeing so many war torn pictures of Afghanistan it troubled me greatly.

So this post is dedicated to Family life something we all hold dear.

Something to reflect upon.

2 thoughts on “Mirror Reflections – Afghanistan & Russia

    1. This was a hard one. It always tears at the soul when the destruction is everywhere, when every other photo is a soldier holding a weapon, it was hard to see any peace in this war torn land. So when I found this picture of an Afgan family I knew it was here peace could be found.

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