Modern Day Atlantis – Being reclaimed by the Sea

oil-rocks-near-baku14Oily Rocks the city above the Caspian sea commissioned by Joseph Stalin in the 1940′s. This Dystopian landscape connects tower blocks, factories and a cultural palace through a sprawling network of dilapidated roads which were once supported by it’s sunken ship foundations.

Caspian Treasure

Behind this enigmatic name lies the first and largest offshore oil town ever built. A vast, sprawling web of oil platforms in the middle of the Caspian Sea, commissioned by Stalin in 1949.


Imagine: 2,000 oil rigs, 300 kilometres of bridges, rusty old Soviet trucks rolling back and forth, nine-storey building blocks, thousands of oil workers, a cultural palace, a lemonade factory, a green park…


Sixty years on, the Oily Rocks still stand. But two-thirds of the infrastructure has been regained by the sea. A kind of Oil Atlantis, only real.

Here’s a look at a movie made about Oily Rocks. The first western filmcrew ever to receive access on “Oil Rocks” – the largest oil-platform in the world – a vast city above the sea, built by Stalin in 1949 and still operational!

Here’s a link to National Geografhic Italia’s video on Oil Rocks


6 thoughts on “Modern Day Atlantis – Being reclaimed by the Sea

    1. What amazes me is that they were sinking ships to be a part of this engineering. Makes you think just how sturdy the foundations could be if they were doing this type of thing.

      1. I Have jot it down in my To do go through the engineering involved in the project in the detail 🙂

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