A little bit about Russians


Russian people are not used to trusting everything cheap.


Particular Russian feature is to sit up late

in the kitchen and have  so-called “about-life” conversations.


Russian people avoid speaking about their jobs.

(my favorite – Americans talk way to much about their jobs when they should be talking about relationships)


The intelligence level is of Russian people is considered up to 99%.

There are nearly 600 universities in the country

and having a university degree

is the main reason to be prompted for a good job offer.


Many Russian people prefer to spend their holidays and free time

in their summer houses outside the cities which are called “dacha”.


Any problem can be solved in Russia upon personal agreement.


Russian people like celebrations.

They take a chance of every single reason to treat their colleagues

– be it their birthday or a wedding, or a promotion within the company.

Cakes, sweets, Russian sandwiches are always welcome!


Hospitality plays a significant role in the Russian mentality

and the Russian character, so once you make friends with

Russian people you will surely value this amazing and

unique feature of the so-called “Wide Russian soul


4 thoughts on “A little bit about Russians

    1. Oh, and I plan much more. I’ve grown very fond of my Russian friends even if I can barely speak a lick of Russian. I’m beginning to understand the “wide Russian soul”.

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