Russian Cotletas

Kotleta 003

Russian cotleta is not to be confused with American cutlet. Cotleta (french cotelette) is one of Russian traditional and very much loved dishes made of ground meat. It came to Russia from Europe and initially was a deep-fried slice of meat with rib bone, but later became a ground and spiced  meat patty, coated with bread crumbs and pan-fried. Since the 19th century it was so popular that even Alexander Pushkin, the genius of Russian poetry, mentioned cotletas in his immortal poem Eugene Onegin, in a description of a ball feast.
Cotletas are traditionally made of 3:1 ground beef and pork (very often fatty pork), but there are many variations of meat that are equally or even more successful.

I will be interviewing a very good cook,

that will be sharing her recipes here at

Life in Russia.

Stay tuned.

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