What If?

whatifWhat if you went somewhere that you were not able to communicate? What if the people you were with could not understand you, how would you feel? What would you do to show how you feel? What is one thing that is absolutely universal? It’s something that everybody understands. It’s something that everybody needs. It’s what few people get, but desperately want and desire? We live in a world that seems to be growing harder and colder because of a lack of this. Without this life doesn’t seem to have much meaning.

There is an answer! It comes when we make a decision not to let the world affect our own personal lives. It’s something that can only come from the heart. When we share this it allows everyone around us to be different. It comes with a price, you have to let go of yourself. Sometimes it means sacrifice and a change on your own part. But if you choose to do this it will send ripples out beyond yourself and change the world.

So what is this, can it really make that big of an effect? Yes, because you are the only one who truly owns this, it doesn’t belong to anyone else. It was given to you to give joy to others. When you give to another they know it belongs to them and no one else. It’s a connection that once shared breaks down all barriers, it is a true banner of love. Are you ready to know? If you have this will you share it? If you can’t communicate anything else share this, and change lives.775177_f520

It’s your smile! Once you’ve given it regardless if it’s given back changes you. If you continue to smile even when it hurts, it changes you. If you smile even when you don’t want to, pride disappears. So Smile, because God gave this special gift to you, that only you can share with others. Nobody else has your smile, share it and see what happens.

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