Mirror Reflection – Belgium & Russia

Belgium’s most famous architectural landmarks, the Atomium.
Belgium’s most famous architectural landmarks, the Atomium.

The Baudouin Experiment took place between 10:00am on September 27th until 10:00am on September 28th in one of Belgium’s most famous architectural landmarks, the Atomium. This building was built for the 1958 World Fair in Brussels and imitates the structure of an atom made up of nine spheres connected by tubes. The space was turned into an area in which could hold up to 100 people who were invited to spend twenty-four hours in the space, stepping out of their normal everyday ‘productive’ lives and into this closed area to the outside world. Any public access was denied so the participants were allowed to cease their normal activities and do nothing at all.

Essentially, the experiment was created to experience what happens when people are freed their usual constraints and yet collectively confined to a particular space and time. There were not documents by means of film or video. The only documentation was the recordings of the memories of the participants and the stories they may tell after the event. However, the experiment is completely unscientific, since objectivity is not the aim. Instead, it is a unique opportunity to experience together the possibilities of escape from one’s daily routine, to participate in a unique event with an unclear outcome.

mirror reflections not exactly it’s a bit of a stretch

sometimes you just need to think outside the box

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

The tallest wooden house in Russia was built in 1995 by a millionaire Nikolai Sutiagin. This 12-story building was 38 meters high and had a separate 3-story bathhouse. There was a billiard room, dance room, and a number of lounges. When Sutiagin was asked why he has to build this “castle” he said he wanted to see the sea. One could really see the line of the White Sea that locates 40 km from Archangelsk, where the house was built. In 2008 the house was demolished by decision of the local court. The building was constructed without any engineering calculations since Sutiagin was he’s own designer and constructor.


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