The Sigh of Relief

When any of us start a blog its so exciting to see the numbers

grow from 0 – where ever, personally I thought did I choose

the best theme, the right layout, how do I get these widgets

to work, and the list goes on and on. Then what the heck do

I write about? Is anybody going to be interested in what I

have to say? Does it really matter? Does anybody care? Then

in the back of my mind I resolved within myself I will share

about my experiences here in Russia. It’s such a different world

here then where I came from. If any two countries could be polar

opposites it would be these two right? No really, I’ve discovered

that people are people no matter where you are at. There are good

ones and bad ones, that seems to be consistent no matter where

you are at. But the differences between the cultures are very

interesting, some hard to understand and others so similar it’s

funny. Along the way to building this blog I’ve learned a lot

about where I live, gained a deeper understand and a love

for the people I live among. What I didn’t expect was the

new friendships and acquaintances that have evolved from

creating this blog (you know who you are). Today was a very

special day for me. The hard work has paid off, “Life in Russia”

has received it’s “100” followers today. Thank you. It will be


my goal and want to continue to bring the absolute best

information, thoughts, photography, and stories that I find,

at times I will share my own experiences and would love to

share others experiences about Russia, it’s culture, it’s wonderful

people. Again Thank so much for being apart of this blog.

10 thoughts on “The Sigh of Relief

  1. Congratulations… Well one suggestion…try to let us know about the Food habits of Russia 🙂 It will be interesting to know

    1. I knew this one was coming. Okay, I will devote some what I have learned so far. One curious thing. I’ve lost over 40 lbs. here. Mostly because Russian eat at home, not out. I hear over and over again from people here, don’t eat out, it’s bad for your health. They don’t like Coke either. They call it death in a bottle.

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