For around twenty years this small town in the central of part Russia has been abandoned. But what would drive these people to leave their homes in large numbers so the town of Promyshlennyi would become deserted and desolate left to waste away? One can almost see the people who once lived here roaming the streets, having conversation, raising their families then suddenly it’s all gone, why?


At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union the government was in disarray and short on money financially, because of this it stopped financially supporting small towns in the middle of no where that had no strategic importance. Sadly this is the result of this.


Because the state ran all of the amenities such as telecoms and electricity for the city, the people of Promyshlennyiwere were left to fend for themselves without even the possibility of calling someone from a neighbouring town or city. It can be imagined these people where very reluctant to leave their homes and let their city to fall into ruin. But without the basic necessities decisions unfortunately needed to be made.


But in the end without supplies coming to shops and having basic amenities at home many people ended up  leaving their homes with whatever belongings they had and moved to where ever they could find work, leaving only their memories, good and hard times behind.

22What  was once a small and close-knit community now left to the elements, the city was torn apart because the collapse of the former USSR.

7 thoughts on “Promyshlennyi

  1. Life in Russia is so harsh. They can’t even count on the government to protect them, if your town isn’t ” strategic” it might be cut off from one day to the next.. I don’t get it.

    1. This was a time in Russia, when things changed very rapidly, moving from communism to it’s current form of government. May not be right, but it is what it is.

      1. Didn’t mean to be judgmental. I suppose there is a dynamic there that is alien to us and easy to condemn. Do like the pictures a lot.

      2. Understood, Russia is Russia. She deep, she’s mysterious, and fun to explore. It’s my job to lift the lid, to let others see what I get to see. I hope you enjoy.

    2. Look at your Detroit first. Your towns and Cities thousands time more ugly than Russians towns and Cities. We have around 50-100 abandoned towns. The same moment USA has 800 abandoned towns

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