Top-Secret Abandoned Submarine Base in the Ukraine

One of the most top secret places in USSR can be remembered for it’s extremely famous Nuclear Submarine Base. One these bases happened to be located in Balaklava, Ukraine. This city became the home of a huge underground submarine base which housed amazing docks and was functional up until 1996 when the last Russian submarine left Ukraine. It was the fall of the Soviet Union that finally compelled the Russian Navy to leave the place.


Like many of the cities of the USSR the entire town was involved in the operations of the base. This made it extremely difficult for any outsider to intrude the on base or visit the town. The people of Balaklava where so dedicated they made everyone go through a tremendous chain of investigations and identification processes to even enter the city. Even family members and relatives where not immune to the workers watchful eyes,who scrutinized everyone completely.

The entire operations continued to be carried out until 1993, when the decommissioning process began,  low yield torpedoes and Russian warheads were removed from the base and located elsewhere.


A small Museum which displays the old warheads, weapons, deep inside the hillside along with the whole Submarine base and canal system, has been open to visitors since 1996. The city of  Balaklava is situated 10km south east of Sevastopol on the Black Sea Coast which has become more of a tourist spot, for the history lovers and the like.


It was a big underground submarine base and docks once in USSR. After the Soviet Union collapsed and Russian Navy left Ukraine it was partly abandoned and some of its parts was converted into a museum later.

Today the town Balaklava  is waking up to the possibilities that came from what this town once was. Tourists from all over the world come to see not only the base but the countryside as well. The “charge of the Light Brigade” took place only 4k outside of town. New hotels and restaurants are springing up, along with luxury yachts being moored along it’s waterfront.

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8 thoughts on “Top-Secret Abandoned Submarine Base in the Ukraine

    1. I’m following up right now with another base that was used in the pacific theater. The Russians had a vast empire and presence that extended far and wide. The more I dig, the more fascinated I become. Stay tuned, will be posting the second soon.

    1. Thanks, I hope that they are interesting reads, I try to find the best information possible when writing my blogs. Then follow up with pictures and good presentation, hopefully this comes through.

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