Кто в мо́ре не быва́л, тот Бо́гу не ма́ливался. – Calm in the midst of storms.

Кто в мо́ре не быва́л, тот Бо́гу не


 Literal: Who wasn’t out in the sea, didn’t pray to God.


Calm in the midst of storms.


3 thoughts on “Кто в мо́ре не быва́л, тот Бо́гу не ма́ливался. – Calm in the midst of storms.

  1. Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get back to you. I really like your post, and feel the same way. We, Americans, have lost our way. Way too much ‘political correctness’ and liberalism. We have lost sight of those things that made us what we once were, and the envy of most free peoples and those that desired to be free.
    You asked what I might suggest to help your photography, my question is what do you want to do with it?
    I find your site very interesting, and obviously you travel a lot. Is photography your main source of income?
    Feel free to email me directly: mike@forphoto.com
    My daughter manages our sites and sometimes, I’m out on the road or tied up with projects and neglect responding when I should. My apologies.

    1. Absolutely no worries. I started seeing a lot these issues way before I moved here to Russia. But I must tell you, I feel much safer here then I ever did in the states, very few people own guns here. It was important for me to maintain these freedoms, thus I made some hard decisions. I travel a bit, but I’d really like to travel a lot more then I have.

      So have you been able to use your website to generate an income? I’m trying to figure this out. I’d like to just pick your brain from time to time about what type of equipment you are using, I really consider myself nothing more than a rank amateur. So I think any comments would help. Thanks for your e-mail, I will take you up on the direct contact if that is okay.

      Thanks, will try to post more interesting stuff soon.

      1. Yes, things here in the states have gotten very weird under Obama. The whole gun control thing is really a lot of media-democrats hype, and I blame television shows and a lot of the media ‘gaming’ for a lot of the craziness and shootings these days. And of course it’s ‘politically incorrect’ to go after the shows on TV, most of network television is cops and bad guys shows, gang violence, etc.. Hardly anything worth watching anymore.

        Happy to help out anyway I can. I use Canon 7D, EOS 40D and EOS 50D cameras and a variety of lens’s. My daughter does the posting to our WordPress site, and I’m teaching her bit by bit, Photoshop. For all commercial work, I would say that getting a decent image is half the battle, the other half is digital darkroom in Photoshop. Photoshop is a must for just about any digital photography these days, (although, hardly anything that is posted to our site has been worked in Photoshop). Once I get my daughter up to speed in PS you should notice a marked difference.

        Selling images, I haven’t put together a store as yet on our site, it’s in the plans. A few folks I know do real well with online sales. We are starting to put together an ETSY site. We’ll see how that does. It’s probably going to be slow going at first, but take a look at ETSY and see what other photographers are listing as photos for sale. It’s a good place to see who’s doing what, and it’s free to set up a site, and costs are very inexpensive.

        Our business is mostly commercial forestry photography, video production, print production, websites and YouTube channels for customers. I do a couple of calendars each year for the wood products industry which we have done for the last 24 years. Link: http://www.forphoto.com/forest_calendars.html

        Anything specifically I can help with?

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