The Dark Continent – it’s not what you think


The Dark Continent

I’ve been blogging now for several months and have watched my blog grow way beyond my expectations. Over the course of this time I’ve had people follow my blog from almost every continent except one (thanks for following). It’s actually been quite perplexing because I’m sure that they have computers there and even internet service. But I’m stumped why this continent is so dark. I’ve scratched my head looking for bloggers there and can’t seem to find them. Can anyone give me a few clues how to track down these elusive bloggers? I’m very open to suggestions, do I need a big stick or even maybe set a trap? I seen pictures of them all over the beaches so maybe I should put out a call to, “all beachcombers”. I know that a different language is spoken there so I thought I might take up this task, then I remembered I’m already learning Russian. My brain is aching from learning this very difficult tongue twisting language  so I will have to find another method. Then a thought came to me (idea & brainstorm) I could just ask my fellow bloggers. So here I am asking does anybody know any bloggers from South America? Where the heck are they? Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.    

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