This poem came to me as I pondered the writing of the old testament, when the prophets would plead with God. I saw  that the prophets would pray or plead with God and He would answer.



When the prophets of old and God communed it was like two lovers writing poetry together.
From the pleas of the prophet, came the answers from God that only his lover could understand.
Like God who created the fragrance and beauty that comes from the Scottish heather
When they sought  to understand God, the quiet answer came from our pleas
It is nothing that we can do, and certainly nothing that we can demand
For the very loving God that created us, created the spirit inside the desire to see.
It cannot come from our fleshly desires, or what we personally try to command
It is the heart of God we need, from the God who placed his heart in you and me.

ImageIt is my prayer that each of us come to the place in our hearts that the most important thing to do is be in ” a love affair with God”.

One thought on ““A LOVE AFFAIR WITH GOD”

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