Rising to the higher calling


When we look at the world right now it seems that there are giants everywhere, and indeed there are. When we look at circumstances in the physical things can become a bit overwhelming and in fact intimidating. We see the atheist’s screaming, “there is no god”, we hear about churches that are clearly not standing on the word of God, how do we respond? Do we respond in anger, or lash out in retaliation? Is this how God would want us to react? We watch many around us who walk in unrighteousness and darkness, do we feed this behavior by our responses.

No one should stand by idle when God is being mocked. It’s hard to understand those who do mock God and their reasons for doing so. When Goliath mocked the Israelites he did so from the physical standpoint without any clear understanding. David‘s response came because he was looking at it through spiritual eyes. He had arrived on the scene after tending his flock, knowing his flock was safe he was able to divert his attention elsewhere. When David did respond to the giant he wasn’t only responding to the giant, he was also calling to God people to repentance. David’s victory not only brought down the giant but accomplished the greater task of humbling his people. Giants come for a reason, they are to expose the hearts of men so they can return to him. When we walk in humility giants will fall not because of what we do but because of what Christ did on the cross. Personally I’d turn around put my face to the ground and make the second call before I make the first. Then the God in Heaven will do the work for me. I hope this post will not anger you, but call you to the higher calling. Blessing.Illustration of David Killing Goliath by Anton Robert Leinweber

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