The Minor Minaret & The Khan’s Mausoleum

The Minor Minaret - The Khan's MausoleumI took a bit of license with this photo. I wanted to capture what it might have felt like in years gone past. Here’s a bit of information on both.

According to legend, the minor minaret was built in the burial place of the “Bolgar Saints”. The upper platform of the minaret contains a spiral staircase of 40 plus steps. The view from the top of the minaret allows a view of most of the city.

The Small Minaret and the Khan’s Tomb are the main monuments of the Khan Cemetery region, where the bridge over Jerusalem ravine leads. Life in this part of the city only began after the Mongol invasion, and stopped in the middle of the 14th century, probably as a result of the Aksak-Timur’s raid. Since then a cemetery has been built there. According to legend, only the noble and the holy Bulgars were buried there. The mosque of the Small Minaret didn’t survive, the archaeological excavations have only revealed its intended location.


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