Looking through the Congregational Mosque

Looking through the Congregational Mosque

I wanted to capture a shot that showed the ancient mosque and the modern museum. Catching the old with the new.

The Mosque and the foundation of the Great Minaret

They were built shortly after the Mongol came, somewhere in the 60’s of the 13th century. Since then, the monument was not just once but twice destroyed and rebuilt. The mosque was another sort of fortress, in the days of the enemy invasion people sought protection and comfort here. According to Muslim religious traditions, the Muslims are inviolable while inside the walls of a mosque. However, this rule has often been violated. The mosque acquired its present form after the restoration of the 60’s of the last century. A ledge is adjacent to its northern side. Those are the remains of the foundation of the Great Minaret. Once, Peter ordered the restoration of the illustrious tower, but this would prolong its life by only a century. The Minaret collapsed in 1841.



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