Paradigms that don’t work


It’s been a month now that I’ve been exploring this great new tool called blogging, it has amazed me that in a very short period of time the number of people that I have been able to touch and share my world. During the course of this month I’ve come to the understanding that we all want to be heard, we want to share our thoughts, our ideas, photos, and many other ways of expressing ourselves. This got me to thinking which made me step back and ask why I started this blog, I came half way around the world to what I call my new home. In the process of all of this I had to begin shedding my belongings which was actually not that difficult. I soon discovered that possessions were not all that I had to get rid of before I left.  But now  when I look back I realize this whole affair started much sooner than I thought, it started when I became a Christian. Even before I became a Christian I’d always struggled with the choice of “do I work really hard and become successful”, or do I follow the path that God has chosen for me.This was the beginning point when it became really clear to me it’s hard to do both. Being a new Christian I’m glad that I choose to do the later. So what does this have to do with belongings or even shedding for all it matters? Well the first thing I had to shed was following the world. This is the event when I made  the conscious choice of letting go of worldly things. It set in motion events that would change my life forever. Letting go of my sins was a shedding at the point of excepting Christ as my savior, water baptism was a shedding, deliverance was a shedding, and restoration was a acceptance of who I was as a adopted son. It was also a point where my old way of thinking didn’t work anymore. When I began to look around with these new eyes a whole new world appeared, I could see many who weren’t choosing this path, but where continuing to walk in their old nature. They where living in their Egypt and not even recognizing that is where they had pitched their tent. It was very curious that when I tried to expose this how hostile they came. It wasn’t that I was in any way trying to say “Hey I know the way follow me”, it was more of the thought like, when these choice where made they would want to change where they set up camp. We all know that while camping it important to back away from a fire, that if we are to close we can get burned. But I also came to realize the smoke from this fire gets on us and we have that smoky smell.  But this particular fire isn’t seen with physical eyes and neither is it’s smoke, it’s seen with spiritual eyes. So I will continue with my story in the future but right now I’d like to ask a couple of questions. The one that perplexes me the most is why when we know that the fire will burn us do we still get to close? Why do people stay in Egypt? Why we don’t shed the clothes that stink of smoke? Why do we chose continue to walk in the physical and not the spiritual? I’d really like to hear others thoughts on this.Why do we not walk away from paradigms that can harm us.

3 thoughts on “Paradigms that don’t work

  1. If you are referring to people who live in the Western world, being a “Christian” is easy. Physical persecution is not as common as in other parts of the world. America is a “Christian” nation, so if you know anything about Christianity, you are likely to define yourself as such. A true Christian places faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ and then follows Him. Words and actions match. If you live in a country where there is a real cost to follow Him, it is unlikely that you will haphazardly define yourself as a Christian. It is more likely to be a sincere faith.

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