Back to Vladimir

IMAG0449I thought I would step back and share with everyone our trip to Vladimir, Russia. The  town of Vladimir is situated on a high piece of ground which creates  extremely picturesque views from the left bank of the River Klyazma. This is one city where you definitely want to put on your hiking shoes, we covered only a small portion of the city which had many stunning churches.

It’s incredible that no matter where you are at someone is always willing to take a picture for you, the couple and their children that took this picture spent at least 5 minutes of their time doing so, when they had taken a couple photos we were ready to move on but his wife wanted to keep taking more so we got to receive something quite unexpected. Sometimes it’s the smallest of gifts that can change a heart.

It was standing on the back side of this church overlooking the vista beyond a thought struck me, I had seen so many churches in Vladimir some of them absolutely beautiful, some of them in different states of dis-repair, but it was obvious many people haven’t attended or been inside one of these churches in years. It saddened my heart. But suddenly it came to me, that what was apparent to the naked eyes was not necessary what was happening in the spiritual, what I envisioned were many who had emblazoned on their heart a wonderful sense of what the church truly is supposed to be, this turned a saddened heart to one full of joy.

It reminded me that we often look but truly do not see, it take the One who does to shine it inside of me.


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