An expat’s reaction to the Boston bombing……..

Here’s a gentleman who shares views similar to mine, I hope you enjoy his thoughts as much as I did. It’s always nice to know that your not alone in your thinking, we may be on opposites sides of the pond, he gets to sit in the shade of a Palm tree, I get to walk on a river of frozen ice. How different lives can be but when it comes to expressing our voices it is like a clarion call to those who will hear.

angel moonMaking the decision to relocate to the island of Cozumel had been an easy one for this American expat.  Not only was I looking for a simpler, and more affordable, way of life, I was also seeking solace from decades of misinformation.  You see,  my father had been a well known political consultant throughout the sixties, seventies and most of the eighties and I, unfortunately, and due solely to proximity, had been made privy to some of that “misinformation,” which never gave me comfort.  As a result I’d “moved across the aisle,” which certainly gave my father no comfort either.  Then, once I entered the world of academia, and became politically active both on campus and off,  I finally realized that I’d become disillusioned with the  process, disenchanted with the direction, and, finally, had to recognize that I had become disenfranchised altogether.  Couple this awareness with the horrific events of…

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